Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Trump is President

Donald J Trump is now the President of the United States. I for one am very happy about that. I am glad that Mr. Obama is gone. The Democratic Party has done everything it can to delegitimize Trump's victory. The Democrats have stirred up trouble all over the country. Protesters in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day destroyed property. Yesterday, more protesters marching in most major cities. I HAVE A QUESTION: HOW DO WE PROTEST THE PROTESTERS? WHY DO WE LET THEM DISRUPT OUR CITIES? 

I did not like the protesters in the 1960s and I like them even less now. Even the "peaceful protesters" are disruptive and obnoxious. I PROTEST THEM!!! I watched the news and one man stated that there has not been this much need to protest since the 1960s. There was not need then, so far as I am concerned. The people of this country are lawless. The level of lawlessness increases daily. I think that it is tragic.

Senator Bernie Sanders stated that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. So I fact checked him. Trump lost the popular vote by only 2.2 million votes. I took my inquiry one step further. Trump lost in New York by 1.5 million, New Jersey by 3.8 million, and California by 3.4 million yet the popular votes in the 30 states he won closed the margin to 2.2 million. I AM THANKFUL THAT WE HAVE THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM because if we went with a direct election by popular vote New York and California would elect our President and the rest of the country would have no voice. In Oregon, that is the way things are. Portland has most of the population, so the rest of the cities and towns have little to no voice in who gets elected. By the way, Hillary won in Oregon but she lost in 30 states. So, if we went by the popular vote, the people of 30 states would have been out voted by New York and California. 

The press is controlled by the Liberal Progressives in this country. The Yellow Press is alive and well. Actually, it is more like the black press. It has constantly defamed Donald Trump, yet he won the election in spite of the terrible press coverage. He won. He is the President. I think that the major difference between Trump's victory and Obama's victory in 2008 is that Obama offered handouts; Trump is not. Obama, and the Democratic controlled Congress crammed the Affordable Health Care Act down the throats of the people--70% were against what is called, Obama Care. The main thing that it did is prevent insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Well, the lawyers skirted that part of the law by using the phrase, "Chronic Conditions". So that nullified that part of the law. The premiums are increasing all over the country from 25% to as much as 116%. The Insurance Companies are abandoning Obama Care. The Affordable Health Care Act did nothing to reduce health care costs. All it did is transfer the payer to the government--and the middle class is paying higher premiums as a result. So, it is a disaster. 

I will state the Russia is a grave threat to the United States, Europe, and the Free World. It always has been. So, Clinton and Obama both down-sized the US military. How was that supposed to deter  Russian aggression? Answer, it did not deter it. We better rebuild our military and strengthen NATO because if we do not, Russia will continue it aggression in Europe. 

Trump stated that he wants to reunite this country, but I believe strongly that the Democratic Party and the liberal progressives will fight that. I think that they will do all they can to stop Trump from doing what he states he wants to do. The people of this country need to unite but refuse to try. I pray every day that God will heal our country, but the sad reality is the their are too many people who seek their own way. There is not concern for the COMMON GOOD of the NATION. I think that is tragic

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Most Difficult Choice has Become even harder.

1:18pm 10-28-16

I have created this new blog. I am not sure what happened to the old one. So, this is my first post on my new blog. 
The news broke this morning that the FBI, while conducting an investigation not related to the Clinton case, discovered new emails that implicate her in yet another scandal. James Comey "hinted" that the FBI may reopen the investigation into the Clinton email server scandal. 

Fox news gave a balanced report of the news. I switched to CNN and that station slanted the news to question the FBI’s competence.  Wolf changed the question to where the documents were before? The Democratic representative switched the issue to: The FBI closed the case and said that there was not enough evidence to indict Hillary. 

I watched the Trump speech in New Hampshire. He started his speech with the announcement that the FBI is looking into the emails. So, most of the media is hiding the issue. I listened to the Trump speech in NH. He talked about the corruption of the political machine that has been grooming Hillary to be the next President. 

I am now listening to the Hillary Clinton speech in Iowa. She attacked Trump as being against women, young people, and “people of color”. She brought up all of the stuff from the debates and all of the foolish things that Trump has said during the campaign. She has not said a single word about the New emails that the FBI has discovered, which caused her to reopen the case against her. 

She did not respond to the news. She is avoiding that fact that she is once more being investigated by the FBI. She is a criminal. The political and propaganda machine that has been grooming the PUPPET, Hillary to be the president.   

The White House is expressing that this is "NO BIG DEAL"  So, the propaganda machine is still attacking Trump for saying inappropriate things while  looking the other way—turning the blind eye to Clinton. I strongly believe that A VOTE FOR HILLARY IS A VOTE TO KEEP THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON D.C.

I pray that God will forgive us, as a country, for our massive sins and I pray the Christian will get involved in this country's issues. May God bless you all.